The Fishing

Best Times to go!

Hooked Up offers great fishing throughout the year, however, there are certain times of the year that have proven to be more successful for different types of fish.


April-May: As soon as the ice goes out in early spring you will find Hooked Up captains cruising the Lake Michigan shorelines for some of the biggest Brown Trout found anywhere in the world.

We offer small group trips of up to 3 people aboard our 620 Fisherman Series Ranger or full 6 person charters aboard the Hooked Up. The walleye action heats up shortly after the ice goes out as well and hooking into a 10 pound plus pre-spawn monster is not uncommon.

May-June: The rapidly changing water temperatures of the spring puts fish into a feeding frenzy making this time of year one of the best times to fish Lake Michigan. With the wide range of fishing opportunities June is our favorite time to hit the lake. For your best chance at filling your cooler with the most energetic fish alive, the Rainbow Trout, this is the time to go!

Meanwhile when the big boat is five miles off shore targeting the BIG fish you will find Captain Dan and his fully rigged Ranger Fisherman slipping in and out of some of the best Smallmouth spots in the Midwest! If you would like to experience the fast action of the Smallmouth Bass or Rainbow Trout this is the time to give us a call!

July-August: Eating over one pound of bait fish per day and growing over one pound of body mass per week, your chances of catching HUGE King Salmon goes way up by booking a trip in July and August. It is not uncommon to catch Kings over 25 pounds during this time of year!

Warmer water temperatures of the summer causes the eating machines of the lake to become extremely active as the sun crests the horizon, and it’s not uncommon to have several fish on at once! If you think you’re ready to battle the notorious King Salmon and go head to head with possibly the biggest fish of your life, this is the best time to do it!

September-October: As the water cools back down in the fall the younger two and three year old fish (10 to 15 pounds) come back to life and limit catches are not uncommon fishing this time of the year on the bankreef.

At the same time the short four year life span of the King Salmon goes out with a bang in the shallow waters near the coastlines. In late August early September the mature Salmon start making there way into the shallow waters of the Sturgeon Bay shipping canal giving Sturgeon Bay anglers the unique opportunity of getting hooked up with one of these enormous fish in 15 feet of water or less!

December-March: The fish don’t go dormant in the winter and neither does Hooked Up! A day spent fishing out of one of our large heated ice houses is sure to cure even the worst case of cabin fever!

Check out our ice fishing page for details and stay tuned to our fishing report for up to date fishing reports and ice conditions!